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Our History and focus: Mentec was founded in 2006. Information, Communication, Technology (ICT) education, coaching and mentorship, incorporating a global ERP system is Mentec’s blueprint, a space we are proud to define as our competitive landscape. Mentec’s strategic focus is to become a leader in skills delivery within this landscape. To achieve this, Mentec offers ICT, related business skills as well as core soft skills training, and combine this with select SAP ERP training in the cities, townships and rural South Africa. We are a 100% full empowered global aspirant training Solutions company based in South Africa.

We are an SAP BEE Education partner of choice and a firm contributor to SAP ERP skills development in South Africa.

Mentec Groups owns Mentec Foundation (CSI), a CSI organization responsible for over 400 + SAP entry level training to more than 10 different communities in South Africa

Course offered by SAP

All SAP courses

  • Classroom training
  • E-Learning training (complemented by qualified SAP instructors/trainers)
  • E- Academy training (complemented by qualified SAP instructors/trainers)


All of SADC


Africa expansion
Education integration
Product evolution to meet emerging markets
Sustainable partnerships 

Our Social aims

Both the public and private sector are continuously researching and developing strategies to grow the economy, improve living standards and attract greater investment into the country while combating depriving factors such as poverty, job scarcity and crime. A certain number of schools in South Africa are still faced with the problem of low quality education and training scale which is resulting in a lack of exceptional local engineers, an ICT skills base well below global standards and too little focus on Mathematics, Science and Business Economics. Courses offered do not have the means to identify the best performing students and are not grounded in the practical application of the theory. Based on this concerning reality, we continue to witness a huge ICT and engineering skills shortage - this is where we believe both the public and private sector should focus on building a sustainable economy. We are a company that partners in this aim by investing in building our learners confidence, self-esteem, work ethics, self-management and entrepreneurial skills through business skills, soft skills and ERP training.

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